Gloomy visions of the future, shrill hymns to humanity and the big question: if we could, would we do it all over again? - collide in this dance piece.

It is dark. Very dark. Does the world still exist? Or is it already too late. Out of the darkness, figures of the past emerge, pleading for a resurrection. The gods have come to negotiate. Should the world perish forever or should it be reborn? In fact, worlds are disappearing every day; worlds of ideas, worlds of thoughts, living spaces, ideologies, dreams and imaginations. In DIE HURE BABYLON the creative collective House of Pain has researched these ends and as an antithesis to destruction, they have nevertheless placed the human as a symbol of creation. The world is dissolving into darkness, man with his boundless creativity is to stand not only as a scapegoat, but at the same time as a symbol of life.

Choreography: Jasmin Hauck & Cecilia Wretemark in collaboration with the performers

Performance: Chris-Pascal Englund Brown, Stefanie Fischer, Tobias Graupner, Jack Widdowson & Cecilia Wretemark

Music: Joel Gilardini

Dramaturgy: Livio Beyeler

Graphic design: Alina Erznkian

Project manegement: Jasmin Hauck

Production: House of Pain - Physical Dance Theatre

Mitwirkende Künster: House of Pain - Physical Dance Theatre


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  • 19:08
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  • Min: 12°C
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  • Donnerstag
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