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Welcome to the holiday region Heidiland in Eastern Switzerland

Information about Corona virus

The well-being of our guests and employees always comes first. In order for you to enjoy your vacation or excursion to the maximum, we have compiled the most important information for your stay.

For detailed information on the current situation, please refer to the official information from the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the cantons of Graubünden (website in German) and St. Gallen (website in German).

FAQ about Corona virus

What currently applies in Switzerland or in individual cantons?

Due to increasing case numbers, the Federal Council has taken new measures valid throughout Switzerland, which came into force on Thursday, 29 October 2020 for an indefinite period. These regulations apply nationwide. In addition, there are still special provisions in some cantons. Click here for the official information pages of the cantons of St. Gallen and Graubünden.

Last update on 10-30-2020 by Olga Shostak.

Does a mask obligation apply and if so, where?

A mask must be worn in all publicly accessible indoor areas. The mask obligation for over 12-year-olds applies in all churches, cinemas, discotheques, museums, at train stations, airports, bus and streetcar stops, but also in hotels and restaurants or entrance areas of swimming pools and sports facilities. Newly a mask must also be worn in the outdoor areas of facilities and businesses such as stores, event locations, restaurants and bars or weekly and Christmas markets. In public transport and for tourist transport companies such as mountain railroads or ships, the mask obligation has been in force since the summer. Detailed information on the obligation to wear masks can be found on the information page of the BAG.

Last update on 10-30-2020 by Olga Shostak.

Do I have to expect travel restrictions to Switzerland?

There is an obligation to report and quarantine for people entering the country from certain countries and areas. Persons who have stayed in a state or area with an increased risk of infection and then enter Switzerland must be placed in quarantine. Further information on this subject can be found on the website of the BAG.

Last update on 10-30-2020 by Olga Shostak.

What regulations apply to leisure facilities, restaurants & bars open?

In catering establishments, guests may only consume beverages and food while seated. In Switzerland there is a general obligation to wear a mask indoors, the mask may only be taken off at the table. Only a maximum of four people may sit at a table. It is compulsory to leave your contact details. In addition, there is a curfew for restaurants and bars between 23.00 pm and 06.00 am.

Last update on 10-30-2020 by Olga Shostak.

What applies in accommodation establishments?

Hotels and accommodations such as holiday apartments or campsites open under observance of special protection concepts. It is advisable to contact the respective company directly on site to find out about any restrictions imposed by the current measures to combat Covid-19.

Last update on 10-30-2020 by Olga Shostak.

Are events permitted?

Events require a protection concept, the rules of distance and hygiene measures must be observed and masks must be worn. Events with more than 50 persons are prohibited. This applies to all sporting, cultural and other events. Spontaneous gatherings of more than 15 people are also prohibited in public spaces. Which tourist events are currently still being held in the region can be seen in the event calendar.

Last update on 10-30-2020 by Olga Shostak.

What to do in case of cancellation?

In case of cancellations and possible cancellation costs in connection with Covid-10, we ask you to contact the landlord/landlady directly. The insurance benefits and insurance cover must be clarified on an individual basis.

Last update on 10-30-2020 by Olga Shostak.

Are the Heidiland tourist offices open?

The Heidiland tourist offices in Bad Ragaz and Flumserberg are open. The team at the headquarter can also be reached during usual business hours.

Last update on 09-30-2020 by Olga Shostak.

Leisure paradise in Eastern Switzerland

Clear air, impressive mountains, deep blue lakes and above all the Heidi myth, which has retained its great magic: In the holiday region Heidiland, Lake Walen with Churfirsten, the summer and winter sports areas Flumserberg and Pizol, the Sarganserland with its side valleys and the vineyards of the Bündner Herrschaft form the backdrop for recreational experiences with added value. The tourism region in the border region of the cantons of St. Gallen and Graubünden can be reached via motorways or by train from Zurich or Lake Constance within one hour.

Families immerse themselves in the world of Heidi and Peter at the original site of Heidi history, active guests are on their way between lake and mountain with a hiking backpack or mountain bike or regenerate in the health resort Bad Ragaz. Wine staggers, over a dozen gourmet restaurants and local culture await connoisseurs. In the cold season, the winter sport areas of Flumserberg and Pizol with over 100 km of slopes are a delight.

Sonne tanken in einer herrlichen Winterlandschaft am Pizol

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