Unique place of power on Pardiel

Can you see the unusual tree growth? This place has strong energy fields, which can be constructive but can also be draining - not always an ideal situation for the trees. Because they are unable to move away like people or animals they react to it with their growth. In a small area, they seek the best place.

Distortions and fractures in the earth's core are intensified by underground water currents which in turn cause interference fields or stimulus zones on the surface of the earth. There are plants and animals which seek these rays and flourish, so-called 'ray seekers' and there are those who have an opposite reaction the so-called 'ray avoiders', which include people.


Local weather

clear sky



  • Sunrise: 05:27
  • Sunset: 21:21
  • Max: 14°C
  • Min: 9°C
  • Humidity: 62 %
  • Pressure: 1012 hPa
  • Wind: 4 km/h
  • Tuesday
    • 23°C
    • 11°C
  • Wednesday
    • 21°C
    • 11°C
  • Thursday
    • 24°C
    • 11°C