Burganlage Neu-Aspermont

Worth seeing castle complex in Jenins

Neu-Aspermont castle dates back to the 11th century. A Knight Aspermont, a vice-envoy of the Bishop of Chur, was mentioned in records in 1120. The castle remained in this family for generations. The Dukes of Aspermont also had various estates at Thorenbüren, Dornbirn today.

In 1376, Ulrich XI relocated to the area and took the name Rauenberg

During the so-challed Schwaben Wars in 1499 New-Aspermont was destroyed. Adelsmann Dietpold von Schlandersberg rebuilt the castle and tower. In 1538 Peter von Finer from Grüsch, his emblem Bailiff to Castels, took over the castle. The legendary Knight from Molina was the last occupant of Neu-Aspermont.

In 1863, with a purchase price of 500 Francs, Captain Ernst Rhomberg could buy the castle from three Jeninser citizens. Since then the Neu-Aspermont castle is in ownership of the Rhomberg family from Dprnbirn.

Since then time has not been kind to Neu Aspermont and it requires comprehensive restoration otherwise it will be lost for ever and with it an interesting piece of local history.


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  • Sunset: 21:20
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  • Min: 13°C
  • Humidity: 76 %
  • Pressure: 1011 hPa
  • Wind: 3 km/h
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Burganlage Neu-Aspermont