Gonzen Iron Mine

Exhibition mine

The local mountain Gonzen towers up imposingly over the small town of Sargans. The iron-bearing rock was discovered and mined in the mountain around 2000 years ago. A labyrinth of uncountable galleries with a total length of almost 90 kilometres was created.

Since 1983 a small part of the mine has been open to the public. At the entrance to the mine there is a restaurant and a museum. The museum is located at the back of the restaurant and can be visited independently of a guided tour during the restaurant's opening hours.

Various guided tours are available, advance reservation is required.


Local weather

broken clouds



  • Sunrise: 05:51
  • Sunset: 21:05
  • Max: 12°C
  • Min: 10°C
  • Humidity: 92 %
  • Pressure: 1020 hPa
  • Wind: 1 km/h
  • Thursday
    • 21°C
    • 7°C
  • Friday
    • 23°C
    • 10°C
  • Saturday
    • 27°C
    • 11°C

Gonzen Iron Mine