Krimi-Trail Sargans: Mord in Sargans – der «Apothekerfall»

Crime fans and amateur detectives take note: From now on, you can slip into the role of the investigator yourself and go in search of clues in a mysterious criminal case in Sargans. In the process, you will visit various locations that will allow you to eliminate suspects and ultimately convict the perpetrator.

If you want to take part, you can buy the crime trail at The buyer will then receive arrest warrant code as well as the "crime file" of the case. This is the description of the criminal case, the order as well as the suspects in question and the overview of the evidence found at the crime scene. The investigators then visit the crime scene and, in a sequence to be determined by the investigator, the places of residence, work and leisure of the suspects. By means of additional information obtained at these locations, the investigators finally succeed in excluding suspects or locating the perpetrator and finally convicting the perpetrator by issuing an arrest warrant.

The case: Murder in Sargans - the pharmacist case
Andreas Kohler, is the victim of a knife attack. He is stabbed to death. The victim is carrying a backpack, which also contains his wallet filled with money. The perpetrator was obviously not after money. A surveillance camera shows how Andreas, before he was murdered, made a deal with a man and exchanged something - a drug deal? The man was identified, his name is Mirko Eggenschwiler.

In the murdered man's backpack, forensics found an empty prescription pad from a doctor. The last text message Andreas Kohler received on his cell phone was a puzzling pick-up code for a drug.

Outdoor group experience without advance reservation
The crime trails are an outdoor group experience for couples, schools and corporate outings. Pre-registration is not possible. The crime trails cost CHF 25/group.


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Krimi-Trail Sargans: Mord in Sargans – der «Apothekerfall»