Lakes of Murg

Three mountain lake pearls in eastern Switzerland

The three Murg lakes are embedded in a wild and romantic valley basin. The lower Murg lake lies in the middle of a protected Swiss stone pine reserve, the scenery reminds of the wilderness of Canada. The mountain inn "Murgsee" is located between the middle and upper Murg lake, which is home not only to hikers but also to fishermen. Lake Murg trout are known for their pink, salmon-like meat.

The shortest, best and easiest way to the lakes of Murg is via Murg at Lake Walen, on the route Zurich - Chur, either by car or the Murgtalbus (registration for bus journeys with Taxi Walser Murg, Tel. 079 406 34 22) to the parking lot Mornen (P2) at approx. 1200 MüM. The approach via Murg is well signposted. A 1.5 m wide natural gravel path leads from Mornen directly to the "Murgsee mountain restaurant" at 1825 m above sea level. The hiking time is approx. 1.5 to 2 hours.

We particularly recommend the circular hike from Murgsee to Mürtschen, starting at the Merlen car park (P1) in the Murg valley. The trails are well marked and suitable for hikers with little experience.


Local weather

clear sky



  • Sunrise: 06:16
  • Sunset: 20:25
  • Max: -7°C
  • Min: -9°C
  • Humidity: 93 %
  • Pressure: 1016 hPa
  • Wind: 8 km/h
  • Friday
    • 5°C
    • -6°C
  • Saturday
    • 7°C
    • -4°C
  • Sunday
    • 10°C
    • -0°C

Lakes of Murg