Lüsis Suite

Experience a unique night in our Lüsis Suite above Walenstadt.

On a wooden platform, covered by a pergola that keeps the rain away, you sleep protected from the wind by a glass wall on a waterbed. In the middle of a flower meadow with a view of Lake Walen & Sarganserland you enjoy the breathtaking view & the fresh mountain air at 1300 m.a.s.l. Should it storm or rain heavily, there is the possibility to spend the night in the mountain guesthouse. Shower & toilet you may also use in the mountain guesthouse (about 30 m away). If you are hungry in the evening - have a delicious dinner on our cozy terrace. We prepare all dishes with love on the wood stove.


Local weather




  • 07:12
  • 19:43
  • Max: 2°C
  • Min: -3°C
  • Tuesday
    • 2°C
    • -10°C
  • Wednesday
    • 5°C
    • -2°C
  • Thursday
    • 8°C
    • 3°C

Lüsis Suite