Old Bath Pfäfers

At the entrance to the Tamina Gorge, where the famous 36.5° C warm thermal water rises, stands the oldest preserved baroque bath in Switzerland, the Old Bath Pfäfers. It contains several historical rooms, museums or even a restaurant.

The Old Bath Pfäfers is the oldest preserved baroque bath in Switzerland. Today, the historic building is a cultural attraction with a supraregional appeal. The historic house stands at the entrance to the Tamina gorge, where the famous 36.5° C thermal water rises.

The history of the Old Bath Pfäfer begins in 1240, when two hunters discovered a 36.5° C warm spring in the Tamina gorge. The monks of the nearby Benedictine monastery recognize a healing effect in their waters. Over the centuries, the spa has grown into an internationally renowned health resort. However, bathing has long since ceased in Bad Pfäfers. Between 1983 and 1995 it was extensively renovated. Today it is a popular restaurant and is always the scene of various cultural events.


Local weather

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  • Sunrise: 05:33
  • Sunset: 21:06
  • Max: 22°C
  • Min: 18°C
  • Humidity: 41 %
  • Pressure: 1015 hPa
  • Wind: 2 km/h
  • Thursday
    • 10°C
    • 8°C
  • Friday
    • 8°C
    • 4°C
  • Saturday
    • 13°C
    • 4°C

Old Bath Pfäfers