Pfäfers Monastery Church

A power place with an exciting legend

In the former monastery church one finds wonderful energies, whereby the actual power place is not accessible. It is obvious that a church has been built here. But why a monastery? The special geographical position of this place must have been the decisive factor. The access roads to Graubünden and over the passes have led past here. The abbey served as a hospice for the monks who moved from Reichenau via St. Gallen, Pfäfers and Disentis to Como and Bobbio.

Saint Pirminus wanted to have a monastery built at Maschlins. A worker was wounded and a white dove carried the bloody chip into the wooded hill. Where she dropped it, Pirmin recognized the right place for the monastery. The place of a church or a monastery is often founded on a legend. The dove functions here as a so-called pointing animal. However, it is doubtful whether St. Pirmin founded the monastery himself. Pfäfers is not mentioned in his Heiligenvita. You'll find energy under the pulpit.

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Pfäfers Monastery Church