Weingut Familie Hansruedi Adank

Our family winery is located in Fläsch, in the heart of the Bündner Herrschaft. The alpine climate and the calcareous soils form the ideal terroir for Burgundy varieties (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay). They are our passion, because our wines should tell stories. About the sites and the soils. Of the craftsmanship that characterizes our days. Of the traditions that are deeply rooted in our family.

Vines and wine are our passion, our motivation. We love the craft, the varied work over the seasons. In winter, when we lay the foundations for the coming vintage by pruning the vines under the clear skies of the Bündner Herrschaft. In summer, when the dewdrops glisten on the vine leaves in the morning while we are working on the leaves. And especially in autumn: then we harvest the grapes together with the harvest team - by the way, we call it "wimmle" - and afterwards the work in the cellar begins.

Experience and craftsmanship are attuned to the Fläscher terroir. Rich in lime and, depending on the location, enriched with clay and loam, these permeable, warm slate soils characterize our wines. But it is the microclimate that makes the Fläscher terroir perfect: In autumn, the sky above the Bündner Herrschaft is usually deep blue and the air feels like silk. Then the Föhn blows through the regions of the Alpine Rhine. It dries the dew from the grapes and its warmth puts the finishing touches to the ripening of the berries. As hot as it can get during the day. Towards evening, cool downdrafts from Fläscher Berg sweep through the vines and ensure balanced acidity.

Adank Weine is a family winery, and it goes without saying that we manage all tasks together. In the size of our small team lies our strength. Mutual appreciation and an open ear for the ideas and imaginations in our heads move our wines forward. Honest craftsmanship, sustainability and time are the cornerstones of our philosophy. Time that we take to make the right decisions and time that we allow the wines to reach their perfection. Craft that builds on the experience we acquire day after day in the cellar and in the vineyards. Sustainability that we live: Our soils should be passed on to the next generation as diverse and as biodiverse as possible.


  • Non-smoking
  • Pets not allowed


Local weather

few clouds



  • Sunrise: 05:27
  • Sunset: 21:21
  • Max: 19°C
  • Min: 15°C
  • Humidity: 79 %
  • Pressure: 1013 hPa
  • Wind: 5 km/h
  • Tuesday
    • 28°C
    • 15°C
  • Wednesday
    • 26°C
    • 16°C
  • Thursday
    • 28°C
    • 16°C

Weingut Familie Hansruedi Adank